Principal Edwards
Gender Male
Age 44
Born 1940
Personal Information
Profession Principal of Corleone Junior High School
Physical Information
Spouse Unnamed wife
Production Information
Appeared in Everybody Hates the Buddy System
Episode appearances 2
Portrayed by Jason Alexander

Principal Edwards was the new principle of Corleone Junior High School. He replaced the previous principle Dr. Raymond. He made his first appearance in "Everybody Hates the Buddy System" making Chris and Caruso be buddies during the buddy system while on a field trip so he can see if they will make up their friendship and was actually watching Chris and Caruso the whole time without them noticing but it turns out the plan after Chris and Caruso began fighting and confronts them after they found their way back. He is portrayed by Jason Alexander.

In "Everybody Hates Snow Day", while not noticing the school was closed, he and Chris was the only ones who was stuck in the school during a heavy snow day.

In "Everybody Hates Gretzsky", he informs Julius that Chris didn't show up in the school.