Joey Caruso
17974 travis flory 01
Gender Male
Age 14-17
Born January 22,1970
Personal Information
Profession Student, bully
Grade 7th-10th
C- (7)
F (4)
Physical Information
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Green
Friends His followers, Chris Rock
Enemies Chris Rock (formally)
Greg Wuliger
Production Information
Appeared in Everybody Hates the Pilot
Episode appearances 40 out of 88
Portrayed by Travis T. Flory

Joey Caruso (or better known as Caruso), is a recurring character in Everybody Hates Chris. Caruso is the school bully whose main target is Chris, but sometimes it is Greg.


Caruso was racist to Chris constantly calling him black names and (during season 3-4) punching him for no good reason. Surprisingly, he always never seems to get caught by the school staff or get suspended for his bullying on Chris and Greg. Although Caruso had a soft spot for pets and is a cat lover. According Narrator Chris Rock Caruso can handle one black kid but 2 he couldn't take down. He sometimes is on friendly times with Chris such as in Everybody Hates Caruso or Everybody Hates the Buddy System. He blames Chris for pretty much everything he once beat up Greg and called him shoeshine because he didn't know where Chris is. this happened again in Everybody Hates the Last Day, when he beat up a random kid because he didn't know where Chris is (and in turn the the boy knocked Chris in the head telling him to be on time). He likes messing with Chris is because 1. He would target a unique person

2. His determination made Caruso feel inferior and wanted crush his spirit.

In Tattalia despite there being multiple black kids around he once said sorry to Chris because Dickerson made him.

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