Julius has to raise Mr. Omar's rent due to his phone bill raising up. Although Mr. Omar quickly calls building inspector. And sees he has things to complete before raising rent. Next Chris has to read and a write a report about the invisible man although Chris sees the movie and writes what he saw and later regrets it when Greg tells him that the book has nothing to do with the movie. Rochelle berates Julius for his actions and tells him that in one day he managed to drink all the kool-aid, file his toenails on the table and keep them up all night playing records. Julius blames Rochelle for using Julius' 2 jobs to her advantage. Meanwhile downstairs Drew and Tonya are bored and decide to play Black Jack. At Tattalia Chris ask Ms. Rivera for his paper which she already graded and failed him. Although Rivera tells hum that him capturing images from the movie was fascinating. At home Mr. Omar was losing money to drew. Back at the school Rivera was in serious trouble for showing kids the movie instead of the book. Later it turns out Rivera was an American citizen They take pictures and with a reluctant Ms. Rivera. At Mr. Omar's place the inspector finds a old fuse box and until it's replaced he can't move back in and to make matters worse Julius doesn't have the money and Mr. Omar will have to stay with them much to Rochelle's chagrin. Later Ms. Rivera secretly tries to move out of town and Chris doesn't notice until F.B.I. Agents come by for questioning Chris. Mr. Omar ask Drew for a loan and Drew complies but it will cost Omar 30 dollars a Month which he'll make $360.00 although to make this money he has to cut his rent back to the way was although before Julius could say anything Rochelle quickly agreed to this. Later Chris was taken for questioning and as it turned out she's been sneaking into countries and stealing money. Chris later talks to Ms. Rivera in disguise and she says that Chris reminded her of fun. They say their goodbyes and she departs for Hollywood. Later Chris is punched by Caruso for Doing something good then bad.