Everybody Hates Lasagna is the sixteenth episode of the fourth season.


Chris reluctantly agrees to hold onto a stash of marijuana for a criminal on the run, but he finds it difficult to find an appropriate hiding place that won't get him in trouble, only to end up baking it in his lasagna for his cooking class. Meanwhile, Vanessa insists that Rochelle learn the beauty salon's new computer system, enlisting the help of Peaches, which does not sit well with Rochelle. In the end Greg messes up the plans and switches the good lasagna with the bad and Morello ends up eating the bad getting drunk and high on the proccess.

Content Advisory

Everybody Hates Lasagna was rated TV-PG for mild, suggestive dialouge.
Marijuana use is only mentioned, and never actually seen (Because Chris Rock claimed it was fake and even if it's funny don't sue me).