Everybody Hates Easter is the 14th episode of Season 3.


Chris wants to take Tasha to her Easter pageant after she breaks up with her boyfriend but Chris already has a commitment. Rochelle competes with a new member of the church to win the Easter Pageant Hat-Off competition, which she has won for four years in a row. Julius pretends he has to work so he can stay home and watch a baseball game.


Narrator: Time to bust a move, Dumb MC.

Greg (to Chris): A girl by herself on a holiday is like an ice-cream cone in hell. It ain't gonna be there very long.

Chris (to Tonya & Drew): What are y'all doing anyway? I mean,I thought you already dyed eggs for easter.
Tonya: We did. These eggs are for the church egg hunt. Me and Drew are bringing extra so I can have a head start on winning.
Chris: That's cheating.
Tonya: Not if I don't get caught.
Narrator: Now Tonya uses the same logic when she does her taxes.

Narrator: The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Now let's go to commercial before I start cursing.

Tasha (to Chris): You know,my grandmother said you were just another no-account Negro who never kept his promises or took care of his responsibilities and would eventually end up leaving me in the cold with a runny-nosed baby.
Narrator: Then we'd be on Jerry Springer.

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